About San Jose Police Foundation

We bring law enforcement and our community together to make a greater impact that helps everyone.

List Of Our Board Members

Our board is comprised of passionate community leaders that volunteer their time and have made a commitment to support our San Jose Police Officers get the funding they need to be more effective in their job.

Donald Rocha
Board Chairman

San Jose City Council Member District 9

Rob Fisher
Executive Board Member

Treasurer, PWC

Sean O'Kane
Board Member

Cadence Design Systems

Duc Quach
Board Member

Liquid Equity Partners

Bill Del Biaggio
Executive Board Member

President, Heritage Bank of Commerce

Lt. Christopher Monahan
Board Liaison

San Jose Police Department

Ben Angileri
Board Member

BT Angileri & Associates

Tim Quigley
Board Member

CEO, Azores TV

Kasey Backherms
Executive Board Member

Vice President, Gutenberg Communications

Kim Becker
Board Member

San Jose Airport

Anthony Ortega
Board Member

Securetech Fence Systems, Inc.

Guido Van Drunen
Board Member


David Lake
Executive Board Member

Apple Retail Store at Valley Fair

Manny Jimenez
Board Member

Erik's Deli Cafe

Karolyn Kirchgesler

Team San Jose

Rob Davis
Board Member

San Jose Chief of Police, Retired, Chair, Community Advisory Council